Audi S4 Avant Tested in a Winter Wonderland in 2024

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The S4 Avant is in development at Audi, and it will be available for the MY 2024 model year. Since it is believed to be the last S4 with an internal combustion engine, this may be your last chance to buy one new. Otherwise, you'll have to go to the used-car market, where you might not find many options.

If you were wondering why this 2024 Audi S4 Avant is said to be the last one with an internal combustion engine, you should know that the German manufacturer has promised to only produce electric vehicles starting in 2026.

To put it another way, the S4 Avant will continue to exist after 2026, but there won't be a replacement that follows the same formula. Instead, it will have an internal combustion engine and possibly a small electric motor for mild-hybrid or hybrid use.

During testing for the cold weather assessment procedure, the prototype that can be seen in the photo gallery and the image at the top of the article was discovered. The tests involve driving the vehicle for miles and miles in the winter until all of the probe's targeted parameters are collected.

Engineers look for anything that might be out of the ordinary, from minor noises or other annoyances to engine or transmission behavior issues in cold climates. For modern internal combustion engines, thermal management is designed to provide a quick warm-up time without making the engine too hot if the same prototype is tested in the desert.

Before putting prototypes out on the road, each automaker conducts even more stringent laboratory tests, despite the extreme conditions shown here. The goal of these tests is to guarantee that every result observed in the laboratory will be replicated in the real world.

The S4 Avant is available from Audi in both Europe and the United States; however, the model's engines are different for each market. Customers in Europe, for instance, can choose between a V6 TDI and a V6 TFSI engine.

The latter may get the same setup as the former, which already has a mild hybrid setup; however, the engine configuration of the forthcoming S4 Avant is still unknown.

Audi will first introduce the regular A4 and its Avant sibling before we see the production version of the S4 Avant, which is the only body style available for the S4. The performance model will then be shown off, and the RS model will be released up to a year after the A4 debuts.

Due to its round tips and dual exhausts with two tailpipes each, we can tell this is an S4 Avant rather than an A4 Avant. In typical Audi fashion, an S model has round tips while an RS model has dual exhausts with oval tips on each side.

The hexagonal front grille and sharp headlights continue to be used by Audi, which appears to be working on design evolution.

While the wagon's silhouette is still distinctive as an Audi Avant, the door handles are now flush with the doors instead of standing out. In a mid-sized premium sedan, this is the practical way to go fast. It should be available at dealerships in 2024.

 Audi S4 Avant Tested in a Winter Wonderland in 2024  Audi S4 Avant Tested in a Winter Wonderland in 2024  Audi S4 Avant Tested in a Winter Wonderland in 2024  Audi S4 Avant Tested in a Winter Wonderland in 2024
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