First Look at the Audi Q8 E-Tron 2024: A new name and a wider range

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The automotive industry was in a different place in 2018 when Audi unveiled its all-electric SUV, the E-Tron. Demand for non-Tesla electric cars and gas prices both decreased. Now, the EV race is really going on, and it seems like every automaker is rushing to get new and improved electrified models out of their factories as quickly as possible.

Similar to its 2024 Audi Q8 E-Tron, the four-ringed marque's new flagship EV SUV, Audi has pledged that every vehicle it builds after 2026 will be an all-electric model. To be clear, there is no brand-new Q8 E-Tron; Instead, it is an upgrade to the current E-Tron SUV, which is built on the same platform as the Audi and has the same battery compartment under the floor.

However, the battery and range of the 2024 Audi Q8 E-Tron are among the most innovative features. Customers (some 150,000 E-Trons have been sold worldwide to date) told Audi officials that they want more range and efficiency, which engineers spent a lot of time improving. For global markets, there will be two sizes of battery: one with 91 kWh and one with 114 kWh, which is the only one we'll get here in the United States.

It's All About the (480+ kilometres) Range, which, according to Audi representatives, will have a three in front of it. This is primarily due to changes in the amount of energy that the battery cells can store. How much longer will a charge last than 480 kilometres? The EPA has rated the current 2023 E-Tron SUV, which has a range of 357 kilometres on a full charge at its highest capacity, but Audi hasn't said where it will end up.

The Q8 E-Tron's charging speed at a DC fast-charging station, which has been increased to 170 kilowatts for the 114 kWh battery's peak charging capacity, will also be improved. According to Audi engineers, the battery's flatter charging curve enables it to maintain a faster charge rate of 10-80 percent capacity in as little as 35 minutes.

Additionally, Audi renamed the new E-Tron models Q8 55 (formerly the base E-Tron) and SQ8 (formerly the E-Tron S) in the U.S. lineup. However, the EV SUV's power or performance were not significantly improved. The base model of the 2023 E-Tron SUV produces 355 horsepower and 414 lb-ft of torque (402 horsepower and 490 lb-ft of torque in boost mode) and the E-Tron S produces 429 horsepower and 596 lb-ft of torque (496 horsepower and 717 hp in boost mode, and an Audi-claimed 4.3 seconds to 60 mph).

Other New and Improved Features Audi claims that the Q8 E-Tron will have a quicker steering ratio and improved suspension arms, despite the fact that power will remain virtually unchanged. Audi was informed by customers that the E-Tron's tuning and steering feel could be sportier. The response of Audi? That was fixed by us." Air suspension, which Audi engineers said they retuned for the new model, will be standard on all Q8 E-Trons worldwide in the future.

The Q8 E-Trons will continue to be Quattro all-wheel drive EVs, with the SQ8 having a single front motor and two rear motors that each power a rear wheel and can split torque between the axles depending on the situation. The Q8 55 will use a front and rear motor, and the Q8 will use a front and rear motor. The asynchronous rear motor of the new vehicle has been modified to use 14 coils instead of the previous 12 to generate its electromagnetic field. According to Audi, the modification enables the motor to generate a stronger magnetic field using roughly the same amount of electricity. This means that when needed, there is slightly more torque, but the motor uses less energy during normal operation, which helps reduce consumption and increase range.

The Q8 E-Tron uses Audi's impressive brake energy recovery system, which you can set to different levels and use effectively for one-pedal driving in about 90% of everyday braking tasks, the automaker claims. Additionally, the system has a coasting function, and Audi claims that the vehicle was further tuned to allow the wheels to spin more freely when there is no load.

Why Q8? Halo Style At this point, you might wonder why the Q8 is called that. Isn't there already a gas-powered SUV from Audi called the Q8? Yes, it does, and it ranks among the best SUVs in terms of style and cost. The time appears to be right to give the E-Tron SUV a halo name like the Q8, given that Audi is moving to an all-EV lineup. It appears to be little different from the current E-Tron lineup in terms of style, and it is still available in Sportback and base models. However, there are some noticeable differences depending on the variant. A closer look reveals updated front and rear fascias with a new grille insert and matrix LED headlamps, as well as new wheel spoilers, a controllable air inlet designed to enhance cooling and aerodynamics. Additionally, Audi claims that the 2024 Q8 E-Tron will be the first model to feature what it refers to as a "new corporate identity"—a model badge on the B-pillar and two-dimensional Audi rings in the grille.

The MMI 8.6 and 10.1-inch diagonal haptic touch displays and Audi's Virtual Cockpit are among the most recent tech and convenience features found inside.

When the new Audi Q8 EV goes on sale in the United States in the spring of 2024, how much will it cost? The current 2023 E-Tron lineup, which starts at 67,475€ for a base SUV without a Sportback and reaches over 85,530€ for the E-Tron S Sportback, carries a small price premium.

 First Look at the Audi Q8 E-Tron 2024: A new name and a wider range  First Look at the Audi Q8 E-Tron 2024: A new name and a wider range  First Look at the Audi Q8 E-Tron 2024: A new name and a wider range  First Look at the Audi Q8 E-Tron 2024: A new name and a wider range  First Look at the Audi Q8 E-Tron 2024: A new name and a wider range  First Look at the Audi Q8 E-Tron 2024: A new name and a wider range  First Look at the Audi Q8 E-Tron 2024: A new name and a wider range  First Look at the Audi Q8 E-Tron 2024: A new name and a wider range
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