Let's give up that rubber! "Goodyear's sustainable tyres are made from rice, soya and pine.

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The environmentally conscious Goodyear tire is made with 90% sustainable materials like soybean oil, rice husks, and pine resin. Additionally, it has been approved for use on the road.

The schedule for Goodyear's company cafeteria has just been leaked. We hope you're excited about eating tofu three times a day for the rest of your life. We're making fun of ourselves, but if Goodyear's most recent tire reveal is any indication, the tire giant will require all the soy it can get in the coming years.

Tire manufacturers are setting more ambitious sustainability goals as a result of the recent rise in environmental awareness and concern. With a demonstration tire that was on display at CES last week, Goodyear, which has stated that it will introduce its first tire that is 100 percent sustainable by the year 2030, is taking steps toward that future.

• At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week, Goodyear unveiled a tire made of 90% sustainable materials.

• The new tire, which has passed all road-use regulatory and internal tests, uses sustainable materials like rice husks, pine resin, and soybean oil instead of standard compounds.

• Before introducing the demonstration tire to the market, Goodyear still needs to determine scaling measures, but the company intends to first introduce a tire made of 70% sustainable materials this year.

The demonstration tire, which is made with 90% sustainable materials, has already passed all of the internal and regulatory tests that are required for road use. Obviously, passing regulatory tests has no bearing on a tire's performance because many bad tires are approved for use on the road. However, we are aware that the demonstration tire excels in at least one metric: resistance to rolling. According to Goodyear, its sustainable tire rolls more smoothly than a comparable tire made of conventional materials.

To keep your car in contact with the ground below, modern tires use steel, textiles, synthetic polymers, and a long list of chemicals in addition to natural rubber. However, this assortment of materials pollutes the environment.

Tires release chemicals and rubber fragments that pollute the environment as they wear down. But not the most recent tire from Goodyear. It leaves behind an odd aroma of tofu and pine schnapps.

When it comes to the chemical composition of the compound that makes up their tires, tire manufacturers are notoriously secretive. In fact, they are so concerned about competitors stealing this information that they frequently avoid registering trademarks on the subject.

However, Goodyear shared the 12 components that make these tires roll and the 17 main ingredients. Soybean oil is used in this recipe to keep the tire flexible in varying temperatures; silica from rice husk ash to enhance grip; and pine resin, which takes the place of standard resins made from petroleum.

Goodyear acknowledged that it has not yet determined the necessary scale to market the demonstration tire. Despite this, the company intends to launch a tire that is 70% sustainable by the year's end.

 Let's give up that rubber!  Let's give up that rubber!
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